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COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy

Tokyo Theatre for Children COVID-19 Guidelines


To ensure the safety and comfort of the audience, cast and crew, the Tokyo Theatre for Children (TTFC) is implementing the following guidelines.


At the point-of-sale;

-TTFC requires ticket purchasers to agree to the liability waiver absolving TTFC of any responsibility for tests or other medical expenses as a result of attending the performance.

-Tickets are only available online at the TTFC website. There will be no in person cash transactions at the theatre.

-TTFC requires the email address of ticket purchasers and any other parents/guardians at the point of sale or on entry at the theatre.


At the theatre;

-The theatre ventilation system as well as additional air purifiers will be running for the duration of the production, while the theatre is being used.

-TTFC will check audience members’ temperature at the door. To enter the theatre, audience members require a temperature below 37.5 degrees Celsius.

-TTFC will provide hand sanitizer for audience members.

-Audience members are required to properly and securely wear a mask (fully covering the nose and mouth) when inside the theatre.

-Food or beverages are prohibited in the theatre.

-Appropriate locations and amenities in theatre will be disinfected between performances.


After the production;

-It is encouraged that audience members contact TTFC if they contract COVID-19 or are considered to be a “close contact” up to 14 days after their attended performance.

-If any COVID-19 cases are reported, TTFC will do it’s utmost to contact relevant audience member’s.


If you have any of the following conditions, TTFC requests that you refrain from attending your booked performance.

-have a fever over 37.5 degrees Celsius (we request you take your temperature in the morning before you arrive at the theatre.)

-are deemed a “close contact”

-have “COVID like” symptoms

-Please contact TTFC at as soon as possible if any of the above apply to you.

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