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The Snow Queen Cast & Crew Announcement!

We are pleased to announce the cast and crew of our 2022 production of The Snow Queen.

Cast List

Kristen Watts - Gerda

Ayaka Yamamoto -Snow Queen

Jun Ito - Kai

David Anseline - Prince

Marie Buda - Robber Girl / Princess

Barbara Capilos - Rose / Reindeer

Ophelia Rose Morreale - Grandmother / Witch / Woman of the North

Georgia Ryder - Troll / Crow

Marie Buda - Robber Girl / Prncess

Production Team

Director - Karen Pauley

Music Director - Eliza van Kan

Stage Manager - Joan Chen

Producer - Grant Johnson

Associate Producer - Sayuri Karube

Associate Producer - Chika Kaganoi

Production Design - Jonah Hagans

Lighting Design & Operation - Marty Pauley

Sound Operation & Tech Advisor - Jack Merluzzi

The First Rehearsal: Joan Chen, Georgia Ryder, Jun Ito, Eliza van Kan, Barbara Capilos, Kristen Watts, Karen Pauley, David Anseline, Ayaka Yamamoto, Ophelia Rose Morreale

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