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TTFC 2019 Show Announcement

TTFC is proud to present, THE WEIRDEST KID I KNOW, written and directed by Jon Sabay with music by Kevin McHugh!

Show dates and times: Thursday, November 14th - 18:30 Friday, November 15th - 18:30 Saturday, November 16th - 12:00, 15:00, 18:30 Sunday, November 17th - 12:00, 15:00 Venue: Woody Theatre, Nakameguro Sam is the weirdest kid in school. Sam talks weird, Sam eats weird, and Sam has weird-smelling clothes. As the new kid in school, that’s not what Sam wants. Sam just wants to be normal. Unfortunately, Sam might not just be the weirdest kid in school — Sam might be the weirdest kid ON EARTH. “The Weirdest Kid I Know” is a new sci-fi musical with a tenacious scientist, scrappy aliens, and hopefully a lot of sauerkraut.

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